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The Aviation News. Various types of aircraft manufactured by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI) increasingly attracting the attention of potential buyers from domestic and abroad. Example the state of Timor Leste who have expressed interest in buying the Bell 412 EP helicopters and NC-212 aircraft produced by PT Dirgantara Indonesia. For the next few years, PT DI will still focus on the development of the aircraft market in the Asia-Pacific region and ASEAN, because the company considers that the need for aircraft in this region is very high.
CN-235 aircraft produced by PT Dirgantara Indonesia. AeroTourismNews
Timor Leste interested in buying a Bell 412 EP helicopters and a NC-212 aircraft production PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI), said the Marketing Manager of PT DI, Teguh Graito, in Bandung, Friday, April 26, 2013. "Timor-Leste is one of the ASEAN countries who to became target the product marketing of PTDI. We have been in talks associated with the Timor Leste's interest to buy two Bell 412 EP helicopters and two aircraft NC-212," said Teguh Graito.

To realize the sales project, PT DI has conducted intensive talks with a representative of Timor Leste. "Talks have been performed in Bandung and in Dili, we see that their interests were large enough to use our products," he Teguh Graito.

PT Dirgantara Indonesia continues to do an assessment to realize the project. Teguh Graito said that PT DI is focusing on the development of the international market, especially in the ASEAN region, in addition to the domestic market, particularly in support of the defense program. "The market for aircraft manufactured PTDI pretty wide open, such as in Asia Pacific and ASEAN," he said.

According to Teguh, needs world countries to aircraft CN-235 is high enough. Potential need for approximately 400 units per year. NC-212 aircraft is also quite enthused with the potential need for 400 units per year. He said Malaysia and Brunei is a country that has used the CN-235 aircraft. South Korea also has a squadron of the CN-235, not including aircraft CN-235 Maritime Patrol. Sinegal and Burkina Paso also use aircraft production PT DI and operation so far is still quite vibrant. "The market is Africa and South America are also quite large, but we will focus on the Asia Pacific and ASEAN, because the needs of aircraft in the region is big enough," said Teguh.

Teguh Graito said that this year PTDI is working on the project of making the CN-235 aircraft were ordered by Thailand and will be completed in September 2013. As a move to strengthen the production, PT DI continues its efforts to obtain financing for the project. It has been done in cooperation with the national state-owned banks, as well as probing the Export Import Bank. "Scoping Among others, the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), is still underway. To be sure, market progress that sizeable for the CN-235 and CN-295, and other aircraft products," said Teguh Graito.

Spokesman PT DI, Sonny Ibrahim Saleh, said that in this year, PTDI has been handed a number of aircraft to TNI, such as 6 units the helicopter of Bell EP-412. "This year will soon be handed a number of aircraft ordered by the Air Force and the Navy, which has been submitted is a Bell 412 EP helicopters," he said.

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